Metal Transfers

Mixed media pieces are one of a kind. This Collection contains transfer prints on wood and metals.

Please Note: Mixed media pieces are done by hand in the studio by the artist. Jeri strongly believes that humanity in art is important and that working with acrylic resin can remove the human element from the process. Resin looks like glass and can be flawless, but Jeri feels this gives it a mechanical, manufactured feel. She likes to get her hands into the resin and create bubbles and use specially developed textured treatments which give her art the “imperfections” which are imperfectly human.

You should contact the artist directly if you want to commission one with a certain image and size. Any of the images on the site can be used in a transfer to metal or wood. Just ask!

Call me at 207-215-9620 or e-mail to discuss options or to place a secure order over the phone!

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